Welcome to Dragons Abreast Gold Coast

Based on beautiful Currumbin Creek on the wonderful Gold Coast DRAGONS ABREAST GOLD COAST are a Dragon Boat Club where the membership comprises a mix of breast cancer survivors and supporters, with the mix of survivors and supporters being about 50/50. Dragons Abreast Gold Coast welcomes new members of all fitness levels and all ages, both female and male.

Dragons Abreast Gold Coast train for one hour three times a week. But you are not required to attend all training sessions each week, some members only attend the Sunday session where we endeavour to povide both a social boat as well as a training boat.

Dragons Abreast Gold Coast are proudly affiliated to the
Dragon Boat Queensland,
Dragons Abreast Australia and the
Australian Dragon Boat Federation

Why not join us in a fun team sport in beautiful surroundings?

Dragons Abreast offer a “come and try” to new members where for $10.00 insurance fee,  new paddlers can try the sport for three training sessions before deciding to join. Our qualified coaches will assist new members to determine if dragon boating is the sport for them

If a new paddler then wishes to join DAGC on a full membership the $10.00 insurance fee already paid is deducted from the annual membership fee.

We have paddles for new members to use, and all paddlers must pass a swimming test, life jackets are available for those that have not taken their swim test